T1 Tricopter

My first attempt at building a tricopter. It was meant to be as cost effective as possible and was equipped with a beastvision later on. It was controlled with a KK board, pretty much the simplest solution I could find. As ESCs I used the ones from my KDS helicopters, but that didn´t went out that well because one of them were different so the RPM were set incorrect for a stable hover even after multiple calibration attempts.

T1 - Tricopter

The wooden frame with alumium arms before the electronic were connected

The most delicate part was the build of the yaw mechanism. I ended up using a blade grip from a 450 RC Helicopter. That was glued in together with some bearings into the aluminum arm.

Yaw mechanism Tricopter T1

YAW Mechanism with zip tied servo

It came out like this after all components, including a flycam, were mounted. It flew pretty well but wasn´t very useful.

First Version with recycled components

First Version with recycled components

I added a better camera and protected the flight controller with a second deck made out of plywood.

Front view with Exilim z1080

Front view with Exilim z1080

This was tmy first step into the multirotor universe, with nothing magical involved. I learned quite a lot from this and it was even used to shoot some footage of a flood and some drfiting action. The lack of a gimbal and the very basic flight controller made it difficult to gather good video material.


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