Turnigy Fabrikator E3D – mod

When Hobbyking lowered the price for the Turnigy Fabrikator I couldn´t resist any longer and decided to take the risk of ordering. The build up was pretty straight forward and I had it up in like 8 hours. I did a little calibration and and added a rapsberry pi with octoprint to the setup in conjunction with cura. Everything worked pretty well, especially the leveling of the print bed which was a one time setup thing. Printig was pretty much fire and forget and overhangs came out pretty well. However…

The print quality was ok but I never was too impressed with the layer alignment so I decided to do a little upgrade on the extruder with an original E3D hotend and a bowden mod.

I used a modification already available on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1534340 by Manuel Stassar. I recycled the old Extruder mount to use it as bowden extruder to keep it simple (lazieness). The prints seem to be much better now but I have to test it more.


Much better layers


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